Elevating Daily Attire

Rags by Jak was founded with a simple yet profound mission:
to elevate the significance of daily attire.

It may sound superficial, but we
all recognise the remarkable influence of clothing in our daily lives. Wearing the right outfit can ignite a confident and positive mindset, preparing you to conquer the day.

We firmly believe that investing time in cultivating a distinct personal style enriches every aspect of life as it transforms us into better versions of ourselves.

This ethos runs as a guiding thread through every facet of
our design process, culminating in purposeful creations tailored for the spirited individuals who embrace their unique selves.



Empowering Individuality

We're forever exploring fresh design horizons to offer you
the confidence to express your unique style. To us, garments transcend mere fabric; they embody comfort, utility, and personal expression. We aspire to redefine the paradigm of everyday wear, curating collections that harmonise distinctive, functional silhouettes with unrivalled craftsmanship, yielding garments that endure the test of time. We exalt clothing as a universal treasure, one you unequivocally deserve.

We strive not only to push our technical boundaries, but also to infuse every piece of clothing with both a purpose and a concept.


Jak "The Stitch" Smith

After six years of fashion education in the UK and runway presence at various London shows, I embarked on a unique journey. I honed my skills crafting lifesaving textile products for the Ministry of Defence, mastering technical fabrics and precision manufacturing techniques, creating products built to endure the harshest conditions. My expertise extended to crafting bespoke motorbiking leathers for stuntmen, Moto GP, and Dirtbike racers.

These experiences laid the foundation of knowledge I continue to infuse into every collection.