Venjent Live Band Rocks London (Village Underground) in Rags by Jak

Venjent Live Band Rocks London (Village Underground) in Rags by Jak

Venjent live on stage in shoreditch Village underground wearing Rags by Jak Raider tshirt in black and orange

Get ready to embark on a journey where Venjent Live Band intertwines high energy with avant garde at Shoreditch's Village Underground! Rags by Jak collaborates with this musical powerhouse, crafting a show-stopping ensemble that mirrors the electrifying vibe of their debut performance. Join us as we delve into the fashion odyssey that transforms the band into a visual marvel, encapsulating the essence of their music in every thread.

As the curtain ascends at Village Underground, the crowd eagerly anticipates Venjent Live's electrifying event. Adorned in Rags by Jak, the band emerges into the spotlight, creating a visual spectacle that mirrors the intensity of their sound.


In this enthralling event, Venjent blends viral sounds and intricate electronic effects, sending the crowd into a wild frenzy. The synergy between Rags by Jak's unique style and Venjent's dynamic energy immerses the audience in a captivating experience—from electric orange highlighting the Venjent energy, to the adorned shadow cloak on Oktae matching her unique transcendent voice, to the whole band rocking a mixture of heavyweight cargo's and joggers each identifying their unique style

In the convergence of fashion and music, collaboration reigns supreme, exemplified by the partnership between Rags by Jak and Venjent Live Band. This collaboration underscores the potent alliance between fashion and music, propelling each other to new heights. As the curtain descends on the Village Underground performance, the memory of a band electrifying the stage in Rags by Jak lingers, etching an indelible mark on the Shoreditch music scene. Here's to more epic collaborations and unforgettable moments in the realm where style and sound collide!

A special shout-out to Jade and Joe, the brilliant photographers who skillfully captured every electrifying moment. Their keen eye and creative approach ensure that the energy, passion, and style of Venjent Live Band in Rags by Jak are preserved in stunning visuals for years to come.

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